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Hern’s Tribe has been facilitating gathering for own rituals in woods for almost 10 years now!!  We have also facilitated many open rituals for other organisations, festivals & groups- such as Witchfest, Beltane Bash, Pagan Federation. Here are some of the recent event photos ! 

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    Hern’s Tribe London Events

     Woodland Yule / Winter Solstice Ritual in London 

    London woodland  Yule -21Dec2013- s

    New Comers & Beginners All welcome!

    YULE or MidWinter the time of longest night.. where perhaps hopes wear thin, and faith wavers in many a hearts. It's also the perfect time...for the coming of the Child of Promise.. Yes, the Sun-Child is born to the Great Goddess!!

    We are gathering at our more secluded Croydon woodland venue for an evening to mark Yule.. There will be a festive fire, mulled wine, lanterns, and much merriment.. oh and real Holly trees in the ground! We’ll have canopy cover.. in case it gets windy or wet.. and some ground sheet to sit around the Yule fire..and enjoy the company of tribal kinship..

    Date: Saturday 21st December 2013.   Time: Meet-up at Tram stop by  3pm .  (Ritual Gathering 3pm - 9pm approx)!

    HT_Summer_gathering_2013_-_QW Swearing on the Horns Ritual &  Summer Social 2013


    It’s been known that an old custom of `Swearing on the Horns’ used to take place in the High Gate area every year for many decades..! Hern’s Tribe began to enact this Ceremony some years ago, at Queen’s Woods (along with the `Windsor Hern ritual’ - another old custom that is said to be done for the well-being of the Sovereignty of this land).

    Join us for a special Summer event outdoors in North London, at Queen’s Woods, for this Ceremony. Participate in it, and swear on the Horns of Hern, for your well-being, and that of the land, and make an oath of your promise to Hern or the Green-Man of the land in return.. to do your honorable best for the land and it’s people! Afterwards, join in with festivities, drumming & singing, and Summer feasting..  and perhaps some Story telling the evening approach... of Fairies, Dragons, and magical realms.  Bring drums, masks, horns (if you have any), food & drinks,  and any poetry & songs to share!

    Date: Saturday 29th June 2013.  Time: 2.00pm to 4.00pm (core ceremony). Socials ongoing afterwards till last person leaves!  Venue: Central clearing at Queen’s Woods, North LondonHow to get there:   Get to `Highgate tube station’ (northern line), then to main road ( Archway Road). Turn in to Wood Lane, which becomes Queen’s Wood Road half way through.  On the left hand side, at this bend is a formal entrance (with sign board) to the park. We’ll have ribbons tied up to mark the way!  Map ref:

    Hern’ Tribe London Events

    Spring Equinox Ritual & Earth Hour Gathering  2013

    London_Spring_Equinox_-_Earth_Hour_2013_GatheringNew Comers & Beginners All welcome!

    Saturday 23rd March 2013

    Event 1 :   Spring Equinox Ceremony    Gather at Tram stop between 3pm- 3.15pm. Bring food & drinks to share. We’ll come and meet you). Join us for outdoor Spring Equinox Ritual & Eco-Magic.   Actual ritual will take place between 4pm-5pm.  After ritual, we will be starting a small camp fire to keep warm during feasting & socials, songs and drumming.

    Event 2 :  Earth Hour Observance  Gather at Tram stop 7.45pm-8pm. We’ll come and walk you to the ceremony site through the woods. It will be dark by then. Bring torch lights or candles in lanterns. Actual Earth Hour observance is between 8.30pm- 9.30pm.

    _HT_Journey_of_the_Fool_ritual-_Jan2013 Special Ritual in January 2013:

    Journey of the Fool.

    Ritual based on the first major arcana card of Tarot (The Fool) - which symbolises new beginnings and ventures. We will be doing this ritual outdoors in one of the park/ woodlands of London (tbc) - creating a Talisman and consecrating it at each of the quarter-gateways of the elements. Saturday 12th January 2013

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