Welcome to Hern’s Tribe: Woodland Shamanic Ritual group in London

Hern's Tribe 2013

“May Hern Protect Us!”

Origins of Hern’s Tribe

Hern's Tribe - beginning 2004- (c) Mani Navasothy
Inspired by the TV series `Robin of Sherwood’ and stories of the Windsor-Hern myths, we began to build Hern’s Tribe- a pagan ritual & self-development group in 2004-5. Now in our 9th Year, we have undergone many changes, additions and departures of regular members & guests.

We are a small closed group, always choosing to do our magical works outdoors in various Woods (Windsor, Sherwood, Epping, Queen’s woods- even Croydon), and tend to camp out when possible and cook our own food on site (in a small gas fire).

Hern's Tribe & Tribe of Avalon Beltane ritual 2006

We occassionally do Open rituals- to share our ideas and ways with the larger pagan community in London. (We have done Opening and Closing rituals for Pagan Federation Conference, Witchfest, and soon for Beltane Bash).

 In addition, we work with the Tribe of Avalon (previously Avalon in London) to reclaim and pioneer old and new ways of magical and spiritual workings with the land and ancient deities of the British Isles.

Hern's Tribe male mysteries 2009 by Mani Navasothy
During 2009-2010, the workings of `Green Lady’ as local feminine energies, and a small sub-group `Obsidion’ (Male mysteries) have been evolving.. 

These are ongoing magical evolutions .. ! 

“Nothing’s forgotten.. Nothing is ever forgotten..”

In 2014, Hern’s Tribe will celebrating its 10th birthday!

Some of the Aims & Objectives  of Hern’s Tribe,  are as follows:

    Pomote and support `Hern’s Tribe’ an outdoor pagan spiritual group, and use its history and networks, seasonal activities, nature-worship, ritual practices, and local folklore imagery and mythologies, to educate and spiritually empower all interested people. 

    Explore, promote and advance the nature-based pagan religions,  ritual and magical practises of ancient and modern tribal cultures. 

    Educate, and promote the appreciation, conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment.  and better harmonious living with nature.

    Promote and explore Tribal Arts & Crafts ,  tool making techniques and outdoor survival skills that support and educate the pagans and all public. 

    Organise and facilitate seasonal ceremonies, celebrations, festivals.

Note: Hern’s Tribe was registered as a not-for-profit organisation in 2011. However the Organisers felt it was not serving the group. It was dissolved a year later, and continues  as a earth-based outdoor ritual group.. with no legal complications or implications. 

-Mani Navasothy, Founder of Hern’s Tribe   (and Director March 2011 - Feb’12)


Hern's Tribe -Pagan Federation London- Yule 2009 ritual
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